Where to buy Tunics Online in India


Tunics are one of those clothing options that suit women of all ages and sizes. They can be used to hide the “not so flattering parts” of your body like a bulging tummy or they can be used to show off your curves if you wear them tight. Tunics can be worn to any occasion like a pooja to a dance party. They can also help you decide your own look for the day, which may vary from elegant to fun and from classy to funky.


If you are wondering about where to buy tunics online in India, then this article can surely help as we have dug up the best websites for you.

  • Limeroad: Limeroad website is for women who wish to wear clothes and categorise them as per the trend they represent. Here you can view the range of nearly 3000 tunics and then choose the ones you like. The popular trends that are offered by the website and worth checking out are seasonal tunics like tunics for spring, summer, winter, etc. You can also find tunics on the basis of the mood they represent like holiday, romance, flirty, etc. The website allows you to buy tunics on the basis of their length, rise (mid and low), hood availability, blouse availability and open toe.

  • Fashion and You: This website can allow you to choose from nearly 300 tunic options. The products can be classified on the basis of some common filters like category, brand, size and price. The best thing about the website is the variety of products it offers. You can buy a tunic from the renowned brand Pepe jeans’ casual wear collection to the designer wear created by Satya Paul.

  • Craftsvilla: Craftsvilla is the best website for first time buyers of tunics. It lets you decide every aspect of the tunic you are buying. You can buy the tunics on the basis of the occasion, colour, fit of the tunic, its sleeve size, its pattern, neck design, collar style, front opening and fabric type. You can also buy the tunics on the basis of its wash instructions. The website currently offers over 150 products in the tunic category.
  • Shopclues: Shopclues has the widest range of tunics to offer. You can find nearly 6000 products in the tunic category. So if you want to view every possible design of tunic and then choose the one you like, you can surely do it here. Apart from the regular filters, you can buy the tunics on the basis of the merchant who is offering them, the payment options as well as the availability of the tunics.

  • Askmebazaar: Ask me bazaar is for people who are seeking branded products. It offers nearly 700 tunics from 10 brands. Some of the renowned brands offered at the website are Utsav Fashion, Ruhaan’s, Forever Fashion, KJL, Revolution, etc. The range of stretchable tunics offered at the website is surely nice for women who want to flaunt their curves in a subtle manner.

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