I want to sell my gold jewelry, what should I do?

The popularity of getting cash for gold jewelry is progressively proliferating every day that passes by. A lot of individuals in possession of gold coins, jewelry, etc. are now into reselling them to dealers for the benefit of getting extra bucks. As a source of revenue, many people and companies have embraced the idea of offering services such as cash for gold coins, jewelry and any other product to their owners.

In recent time, a lot of people are going crazy over selling gold or products with gold contents; and those sellers find it hard to put one thing into consideration, which is, are they really getting what their gold worthy? This question has been ignored by a lot of gold-sellers, but this article will help you navigate to the treasure you are worthy of.

Below are some of the things you need to do if you want to sell your gold jewelry or coins.

Give selling to jewelry stores a trial

You should often try to first sell your gold jewelry to jewelry stores. The risk of being ripped off will be reduced if they major in jewelry; that is to say they have their major source of income elsewhere.

Try not to sell to pawn shops

Pawn shops are known for being in the business of paying less than the amount of what they can sell a product; this means they will pay less the actual worth of your gold jewelry. Staying far from them will save you from their nature of being manipulative and not recognizing quality gold jewelry.

Ensure you do not go close to unrecognized gold buyers

If you really do not want to get the least payment for your gold jewelry or lose your gold to fake buyers, try your possible best to stay away from unrecognized gold buyers. Due to the increase in the popularity of the business of buying gold, a lot of companies have popped up with the claims of being real and buying gold, the truth is that a greater percentage of them are scams and ready to take undue advantage of you. There are a lot of those gold-buying companies that you need to avoid totally if you don’t want to be at loss.

Ensure you shop around

Avoid being in a haste to sell your gold to any jeweller or jewelry store you come in contact with if you really want to get the true payment for the value of your gold. Ensure you visit different jewelry stores in order to get multiple pricing before you sell your jewelry. Some stores offer higher prices than others, and you can only know when you have visited more than one jeweller or jewelry store.

Ensure you know all you have in your collection

This is another thing you should do if you want to sell your gold. Some of the pieces you sell will be melted, so, do not expect to get a payment higher than their value. In addition, if there are pieces in your collection that are from famous designers, there may be an increase in their value.

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